Update/Maintenance completed in:

New Features, Lower Fees, New Look.

New Auctur?

Hello, I'm Sychobae and the lead programmer and designer for Auctur.
I have been working for Auctur since 2015, and i'm still working on new ideas and projects that can improve Auctur and it's workflow.
In 2017 i tried to make an application for an easier experience on desktop, which got cancelled in the middle of 2017.

But now i'm here again to try to lift the looks of Auctur.
And put away that beta in our logo.

I'm not trying to make a new Auctur, just refresh it.
We want to make sure that you know that Auctur is all about it being easy and safe to buy & sell accounts, currency and more.

Without holding you back anymore, lets move to the changes coming to Auctur.

Will be launched on June 17th.

As you might not have known, Auctur launched in it's beta state in January 2016, that is over 2 years ago.
Now that is a long time ago, and it's time to remove our beta from our logo, get a new symbol, and focus on what's important, making it safe to trade.
The update will launch after summer, If you have any questions don't spare asking them on our Facebook or Twitter account.

I'm already a member?!

The update won't affect your account, sales or other information on the current site, everything will stay the same.
If you have sold or traded a product before this update, you will see that you can't sell or trade before using our new system.
More below

**Note that all features are not certain to be completed.**

So, can i get a look?

Not quite yet.
It takes a long time when you are one man vs machine.

You like taking the lead of line?

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